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121 Personal Training & Private Coaching

All our PT's & Coaches have their specialist areas. If you're looking to improve your health & fitness we've got it covered. If you're desperate to lose weight and drop body fat, we've got it covered. If you want to move better, faster and be stronger, we've got it covered. 
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Owner & Coach

Helping people improve: Physical health, Mental health, Mindset & Performance



Coach & PT

Having been an obese teenager and young adult I was a late comer to fitness, so ‘I get it’. Too embarrassed to go to a gym, I studied fitness and nutrition to educate myself on how to make the change. Now as a PT, I coach other children and adults to make their change, developing a self confidence that will transcend into every part of their lives. With a background competing in CrossFit, my sessions are fun, functional, but most of all effective.



Coach & PT

Will has been involved in coaching and personal training since 2010 and began his journey as a
coach back at Loughborough University. A degree in human biology coupled with working
alongside UK athletics track and field coaches, gave him his first taste of training people. From
here Will’s passion for drilling top quality movement began.
In 2012 Will discovered CrossFit and worked his way up to becoming a level 2 CrossFit coach.
Having worked at several CrossFit gyms since then Will has continued to enhance his ability to
teach good movement and has become excellent at conveying this to multiple different ability
levels. Having worked with with athletes and people of all different ages and abilities, Will has
become extremely well rounded coach of whom can empathise and relate to a broad range of
A specialist in teaching weightlifting, gymnastics and running, Will strives to get the very best
out of everyone he coaches by ensuring a culture of guidance and support is at the forefront of
his coaching philosophy. “People want to know their coach has got their back. The road to
achievement is not a smooth one and can be littered with problems that need to be overcome.
Whether you’re wanting to compete for a national title in a given sport or simply be able to run
for a bus without keeling over and having a heart attack, we all need guidance, we need to know
someone is routing for us and is there to support us throughout everything. This for me is what
having a personal trainer is all about. The best program in the world is useless without the right
mentality, and a PT should be there to help develop that mentality properly.”
Will loves to help develop strength and all it’s associated aspects. However given his
background and experience he is also accustomed to helping people lose fat, become
aerobically fitter and become more mobile too. If you would like to book a consultation with Will
please email and he will endeavour to get back to you ASAP.



Private & Group Yoga teacher

Mindful Movement & Embodied Meditation Teacher to many wonderful people including @everton FC. 
Transformational yoga retreat Portugal Aug 2019

EDC GYM TEAM: Team Members
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